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Reverie Photo Book

I’m working on publishing a book containing 15 years of my photography. Reverie will include approximately 150 photographs that have been taken over the past 15 years, primarily as a hobby or while travelling. I’ve thought to myself that maybe it’s too premature to publish a book but when I looked through my catalogue through […]

Loves Lost Book of Poetry

A side of me that I’ve always kept to myself is that of a poet. I guess it’s something that I thought might be too hard to put out there and be open to criticism. But the more time I spend working on my poetry and the more poets that I read (which is only […]

David, Milo and Me

Brad has taken, to my mind, the quintessential photograph of my husband David. A man in a very English hat wearing a tee shirt showing a Chinese man wearing his very Chinese hat. He has captured the enigma that is David McPhail. Anne McPhail   The Start of a Journey From the glass of chardonnay, [...]