Category: Collaboration

Zodiac Zoetrope

Compatibility Mode In 2018, I started on a series of nudes which were purely exploratory, and they have quickly become an ongoing series titled Compatibility Mode. Compatibility Mode is a series of fine-art nudes which I have organised by the zodiac star sign of the person photographed. I've not been content on just exploring fine-art [...]

Enter Through the Thrift Shop

Sometimes projects come along you just know you want to be a part of…Christchurch Street Art Exhibition, SPECTRUM 2015, was definitely one of those projects. Spectrum was put together by Oi You!, creators of a number of other street art exhibitions, including the highly successful RISE, held in Christchurch in 2014. Acclaimed local, national and […]

David, Milo and Me

Brad has taken, to my mind, the quintessential photograph of my husband David. A man in a very English hat wearing a tee shirt showing a Chinese man wearing his very Chinese hat. He has captured the enigma that is David McPhail. Anne McPhail   The Start of a Journey From the glass of chardonnay, [...]