Enter Through the Thrift Shop

Sometimes projects come along you just know you want to be a part of…Christchurch Street Art Exhibition, SPECTRUM 2015, was definitely one of those projects.

Spectrum was put together by Oi You!, creators of a number of other street art exhibitions, including the highly successful RISE, held in Christchurch in 2014. Acclaimed local, national and international street artists have created some amazing spaces at Christchurch Central’s YMCA, as well as Big Walls around the city.

Full disclosure, as a proud sponsor, my businesses at the time were involved with a few elements, utilising services such as Design with BMD Creative, Social Media with nobull, some Pixel Press printing, and myBMD threw in some IT services too.

We also spent a bit of time styling one of the rooms at the YMCA, creating a ‘Thrift Shop’ for Milton Springsteen’s infamous ‘upcycled’ artworks. The artist adds his own statement to pieces he has gathered from thrift shops. It’s very clever work, with iconic and amusing connections. We had a bit of fun styling this room, perhaps making it too realistic, as many visitors have been keen to buy various items from the ‘shop’!!

Spectrum is the sort of event that relies on passionate individuals working together to make it happen – it’s been great having the support of Brad and his team, with their creative approach, social input, last minute printing (thanks Brad) and the styling of the Thriftshop room (featuring street artist Milton Springsteen)…which was far too successful, so realistic visitors expect to be able to buy items Thanks for sharing our passion.

George Shaw, Director, Oi You!