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Like leaves falling in summer, I am out of place.I am but a reed in the wind, awaiting Nature’s command.As I descend into a world unknown, the wind has a chill.I encounter feelings of a warming kind.Though I have never dreamed anything like this before, it is familiar. 


The folly of youth will never be understoodwhile we are still young. Time passes us by and before we know it,all that could have been, is lost.Potential limits us to that which we are told we can be.To reach the stars in this lifetime we build rockets upon dreams without realising the stars are already inside us.


Birds scratch the earth, but only so deep that tomorrow’s winds erase all trace.Fish glide through the water, leaving only a ripple.None has left their mark on this world like humanity.It will take more than a lifetime of winds to erase those scars.


Into the sun I staredThe longer I gazedThe more cleansed I hoped to becomeTo burn everything downTo lose the past in the flamesTo lose myself is all I desiredThe hope of finding a new lifeReborn from the ashesLike new growth in the forestThat can only come from flame’s touch New worlds contained in a flameThe […]


If we said goodbye to historywe would close the door on it foreverand all would be lost. Instead we greet it fervently each day,keeping it alivein the hopes of learning something new,something more to advance us. But alas we do not learn.It’s as if history has been killed,stabbed in the back,  dying a thousand different […]


Why do we do this to ourselves?We think there are monsters under our bedBut are they really in our head?What’s really in our closet?Skeletons to unravel, or just shirts and bones? Do I possess it or am I possessed?How many seasons have passed without knowing?Autumn’s bones show the scars were never thereJust like the monsters […]


Remnants of the past slowly fade,replaced by the hope of a better way. Flights of fancy forgotten,taken up by a glimmer of hope. Is there time? Naivety is no excuse,you have two ears, two eyes, why not listen, why not see?A symphony this is not yet.Flight of fancy you see. Till death do us part, is only a […]


To love and not be loved back is like the musician playing the perfect melody only to have no ear hear it,Or a leaf on the maple on a still autumn day,Waiting for the wind to blow so he may be reunited with his other,Only to have winter set in without a single breeze.I would […]