Why aren’t you on social media?

I’m a little antisocial in the sense that I prefer people in person to technologically driven interaction. This website serves as my online world where I control the conversation and the data.

Can I buy your work?

Yes, I do have fine art prints for sale and can print from my catalogue. Get in touch with me here and we can talk about the options available.

What is Fine Art Photography?

My idea of Fine Art Photography stems from my artistic background. As a qualified painter, I found that I could never get the paint to express what I wanted. It wasn’t until I started looking at my photography like a painter that I realised I can use photography to express my ideas and still get my message and emotions conveyed to the viewer. Primarily my work is printed for exhibition and sale and is not commissioned.

Why are most of your photos black and white?

I see the world in black and white. When I see a scene, I see the shadows, the darks and the lights. They are the things that catch my eye first and then I see the colour. I liken it to drawing with a pencil in some ways. I am also buying a digital camera that only takes black and white photos so I will have no choice!

If you’d like to see some colour, check out my blog.

Do you do commercial work?

Not anymore. I have done in the past, but I really hate being told what to do. I prefer to explore ideas that come naturally to me and there are plenty of amazing photographers out there that shoot commercially, much better than I ever could.