Wellington in Taurus

I love printmaking, but I hate the mess and especially hate having to clean up after myself. I started looking at new ways of ‘digitally printmaking’ which lead me to using my multiple exposures techniques to combine with photographs with found celestial maps.

These particular ones were taken on one day in Wellington in ‘Taurus time’. They are urbanscapes combined with photos of an engraved plate of celestial constellations by Alexander Mair from the very rare fourth edition of Uranometria (first published in 1603), the first atlas to cover the entire celestial sphere, in 51 star charts, including one containing twelve new constellations unknown to Ptolemy. The illustrations are based on Jacob de Gheyn’s designs for the Grotius edition of Aratus, published in Leiden in 1600.

Wellington in Taurus 12
Wellington in Taurus 04
Wellington in Taurus 02
Wellington in Taurus 08
Wellington in Taurus 10
Wellington in Taurus 11