Urban Dualism

From this world
of one dimensional being,
I will create
a new way of seeing

Digital Printmaking with Urban Contrast

I love printmaking, but I hate the mess and especially hate having to clean up after myself. I use ‘digital printmaking’ which takes my multiple exposures in a new direction. I combine my photographs and photographs of centuries-old works that are now out of copyright, creating new ‘collaborations’ – multiple exposures using my photography and found images of publications engravings, illustrations and celestial maps.

Creating new worlds from our existing singular plane.

What was once concrete
and considered eternal,
Is now something more,
my rendition supernal.

Brad MacDonald - Wellington in Taurus 06
Brad MacDonald - L.A. Time Warp II
Tūāpapa by Brad MacDonald
Kaiuau by Brad MacDonald
If Statler & Waldorf Were Seagulls in the M.C. Escher Universe, 2019
A River Ran Through It, 2019
I Caught the Beehive Express from Platform 7, 2019
Corona Australis
Te Omeka by Brad MacDonald