Tohora he Waiatā

People suffer from a way of thinking that is not theirs. They have only been told it by the schools they went to or their parent’s. This sets people off onto a path outside of their control where the decisions they make are influenced not by their own intelligence, but by the unintelligent conditioning they have received.

My friend Ravinder once told me of story from when he was a small child in India. His grandfather took him into the streets to meet man who was sitting on the street who had no arms and no legs.

At the end of the day when they were at home my friend’s grandfather started talking about what they had seen that day and asked him of the man they had met “what can you tell me about that man” the grandfather asked to which my friend exclaimed “he had no arms or legs grandfather”.

“You have a lot to learn son” said the grandfather. “Did you not notice his smile? Why are you worrying about the things he hasn’t got when HE’S not worried and he can light up the world around with a single smile”

Ever since I heard that story I have tried to look at the things people have and not the things they have not.

Throughout history there have been many versions of “the first step is always the hardest.

I like ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu’s: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

It only takes one step to transform to a way of thinking where words like homosexual, negative, greed and weak do not exist… and that only needs to be the ‘RIGHT’ step.

If a person has the ability to put a smile on your face in any situation, is that not worth more than anything else in this world…or should we be more concerned by what type of car he drives or who they share their love with?

Tohorā he Waiata or Whale Song in Maori is a story about two humpback whales who grow up together in Antarctic waters. Other people try to define their friendship and ultimately their parents split them up and one ends up at opposite ends of Earth in the Arctic.

As younger whales, they make a pact always to be together and create songs for each other. (Male humpback whales are the only ones to make beautiful songs in real life).

Many years after being separated, the one thing that brings them together is the songs they made when they were younger. It slowly travels from whale family to whale family as they migrate south and eventually gets back to him in Antarctica, so he starts a journey retracing the song throughout the pacific to the Arctic. (Whale songs are evolving throughout the world- as whales pass on their unique songs, they get integrated into other families songs creating new ones).

The songs eventually reunite them after being tricked many times by others trying to make sure they never make it. They manage to overcome all the obstacles, negativity and conditioned thinking to live together in harmony.

I am not sure in which time this happens. I really think I want to have a sense of timelessness with this. I don’t want him anything that dates it is such, it could be from before Christ or into the future.