Porotaka Pentalogy

Digital Video Printmaking to Create Visual Minimal Symphonies

Using all of the tools in my toolbox, including poetry, music, photos and video multiple exposures – a combination of all my mediums to create what I am calling ‘Digital Video Printmaking’ and ‘Visual Symphonies”.


“As it has been and as it will be” – The life cycle of Earth, with and without humanity in five feature-length visual symphonies.

I am following in the steps of the greats like Mahler who used music and his symphonies to ask questions about the world and universe around him. His music has been described as dangerous, defiantly and definitively connected to his life story, and to the sounds of the world around him. It has been described as one moment so static and then suddenly so violent, so tragic and then so sentimental.

The above is something I identify with, and I am definitely not the first artist, composer, philosopher (not that I’m calling myself any of those) to ask and possibly answer these questions however I intend these works which are essentially allegories to hopefully make a difference by translating age-old ideas for the new age we are living in and make these necessities of life accessible to viewer, reader or listener or all at the same time.

I have chosen Māori names for these and intend on including Māori instruments sounds and mythology to tell a current story.

The porotaka, a closed circle, is said to represent the circle of life which has no beginning or end, is seamless and of which we are all a part. It also tells of the stars and planets which are part of the circle of life and contain the knowledge of our origins. It is often used to enclose other elements such as the Koru, linking love and new life or new beginnings with the circle of life. The koru symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. Its shape “conveys the idea of perpetual movement,” while the inner coil “suggests returning to the point of origin”.

I have designed the Porotaka symbol shown here to represent my work, with each of the five korus symbolising a visual symphony. I also want to sculpt one of these in greenstone.

All five titles in the pentalogy
My porotaka design symbolising the five symphonies