Mate Kanehe

The first of the visual symphonies and one of the more developed owing to the fact that I have been writing poetry and photographing the compatibility mode series for the longest.

Mate Kanehe, The Chemistry of Love is a portrait of love and lust as a chemical reaction. Do love and lust really exist or is it just chemicals and neurons firing in a particular way in the brain?

Mate Kanehe incorporates photography and video from the Compatibility Mode, Flora and Faunacation and installation series.

In line with the chemicals and their reactions, I intend on bringing in the elements of the world around us as well.

We are all made of the elements and they affect us all individually. We respond positively or negatively to different elements. Just like the nor-west makes some people tired and grumpy, the total opposite for me and this is like the elemental nature of nature. Also, in line with the Zodiac zoetrope theme, the visuals will start out with male and female been easily distinguishable as time goes on it will become harder to distinguish. Ultimately ending with no visible labels – how nature sees it. These are the same ideals that are applied to the Flora and Faunacation series.

The themes of Angels and Demons will be included as an analogy of our innermost thoughts and how they can be for or against us.

I have been doing experimentation with filming chemical reaction and recreating explosions using macro photography and videography of the reactions between elements such as milk, inks and hydrogen peroxide. Examples of this are below.

The other themes of Mate Kanehe include chemistry, fantasy, sexuality, nature and the elements.

The Maori meaning of Mate Kanehe is to desire, have affection for, yearn, fancy, lust after, want.

Mate Kanehe