15 Years Before I Was a Photographer

I have always had a love-hate relationship with photography, one day wanting to be a photographer the next deciding not to be. My first staged photography shoot was when I was 13. I moved all the furniture out of my bedroom, the bed into the middle of the room, tore up several rolls of toilet paper and placed them around the room. I then put Alice my golden retriever in the middle of the bed and ‘made’ her act as though she was the ‘innocent’ party. I took several photos of this and didn’t do much with them afterwards. It wasn’t until about 17 years later when I was doing my diploma in painting that I came across the photos again when my passion for photography was reignited. During this time, I started to look at my photography differently than I had in the past.

This photo book represents the last 15 years of photography (2004-2019) when I was absent-mindedly daydreaming of becoming something more—the time before I decided that I actually am a photographer.

270mm x 370mm
240 Pages
Edition of 5