Zodiac Zoetrope

Compatibility Mode In 2018, I started on a series of nudes which were purely exploratory, and they have quickly become an ongoing series titled Compatibility Mode. Compatibility Mode is a series of fine-art nudes which I have organised by the zodiac star sign of the person photographed. I've not been content on just exploring fine-art [...]

28th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2019

This is my inaugural entry into the Wallace Art Awards is a piece from a recent series exploring multiple exposure techniques. While I didn't place in the awards, it's an honour to have been included in the Finalists Travelling show which will travel New Zealand over the next year. As well as being my first [...]

Grotesque is in the Eye of the Beholder

These oddities, from fancy drawn, May surely raise the question, Will DARWIN say – by chance they’re formed, Or “Natural Selection?” Some might say that these characters are not suitable for cuddling, but in the right light they bring whimsy to a topic that at the time was almost heresy and worthy of losing one’s […]

Male Form

Most artists approach the human form at some stage and after a long time taking photos of everything but the human form, it is only recently that I have started to explore. In my current exploration of the male form, I aim to capture the essence of youth and that point in time before youth […]

Flora & Faunacation

My take on Flora and Fauna where I look at everything being equal in the eyes of nature. This is an experimental series where I explore using techniques that could have been done 100 years ago – primarily the use of double and multiple exposures. Man vs Nature As far as I’m concerned in the […]

Reverie Photo Book

I’m working on publishing a book containing 15 years of my photography. Reverie will include approximately 150 photographs that have been taken over the past 15 years, primarily as a hobby or while travelling. I’ve thought to myself that maybe it’s too premature to publish a book but when I looked through my catalogue through […]

Loves Lost Book of Poetry

A side of me that I’ve always kept to myself is that of a poet. I guess it’s something that I thought might be too hard to put out there and be open to criticism. But the more time I spend working on my poetry and the more poets that I read (which is only […]


One of the resounding themes of my photography – conscious and unconscious is Urbanscapes – small pockets of life in various towns and cities around the world. I don’t purposely set out to take specific photos, I allow spontaneity to take its course and hope like hell I have a camera on me. These play […]

Installation Photography

Not content with capturing existing forms, there are some ideas that need to be expressed through my hands. The sculptor in me comes out and I use found objects to create sculptures that I then photograph. Specific light placement still plays a large part in these works as the shadows are often just as important […]

Britomart Series

This series taken in 2010 at Britomart Train Station, Auckland, New Zealand is probably my most popular and has by far sold the most prints. This is an example of the serendipitous nature of my work. I was up visiting with some friends who had never been to Auckland before and I was showing them […]