Flora & Faunacation



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An extension of my exploration of multiple exposures. My take on Flora and Fauna where I look at everything being equal in the eyes of nature.

This is an ongoing experimental series where I explore using techniques that could have been done 100 years ago – primarily the use of double and multiple exposures.

Man vs Nature

As far as I’m concerned in the eyes of nature, man and plant have the same value so I am using images from my human form studies and combining them with photos of flora using photoshop. I use photoshop only to combine the images in a way that would have previously been done in-camera, using film.

Forbidden Fruits

A subset of the flora and fornication series is the forbidden fruits where I’m looking to explore themes like love and lust and send ultimately bought about by Adam and Eve eating the apple from the tree of life.

I would like to maybe have the series involve poetry as well and maybe as a possible entry into art awards.