Compatibility mode



Most artists approach the human form at some stage and after a long time taking photos of everything but the human form, it is only recently that I have started to explore a subject that has been around since the start of photography itself.

At the start of my exploration of the male form, I aimed to capture the essence of youth and that point in time before youth fades as quickly as it does. This quickly turned into a series that I called the Sweatpants Series. Which like Mario Testino’s White Towel Series, is an ongoing series of guys in grey sweatpants. This quickly evolved into Compatibility Mode and in 2019, I started on a series of nudes which were purely exploratory, and they have quickly become an ongoing series titled Compatibility Mode. Compatibility Mode is a series of fine-art nudes which I have organised by the zodiac star sign of the person photographed. I’ve not been content on just exploring fine-art nudes and producing prints.  I want to find a deeper meaning in my work and ultimately find a place or project for the series to ‘say something’ about me and the world around me.

The changes in my photography equipment have also changed my approach to some of the series an example on the bottom right the photo on the left is taken in 2018 and the other on the right taken in 2019 showing a lot more detail.

The name Compatibility Mode comes from zodiac star signs and ties in with my other project is based around love. It has also been a way for me to organise the photos into various series and concepts.

These are some shots from a recent shoot with some friends. I’m lucky enough to have friends that spend time in the gym and also don’t mind being in front of the camera! I want these images to convey a sensuality without being overtly sexual.

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