About Me


Based in Christchurch, New Zealand

Speeding through life trying to do something without being someone by using poetry and visual narrative to explore my existence in space and time

For ease of explanation, I may call myself a photographer; however, this is not just about photography; it’s about an exploration of the world around me and how I fit into it. To do that I use all the tools I can; it just happens that the camera is the most natural medium for me to express. In some ways, my eyes talk to my heart on a different level when a lens is part of the picture, that leads to other feelings and emotions that initiate another part of me where the words and ideas start to flow.

My work is just my take on the world around me. Everything I do for me is an exploration and everything I do I’m exploring myself – what can I do? What can I bring? How can I reinvent what has been done before with my approach, based on my life experiences?

Although my work is purely an outlet for my self-exploration, I also want to understand how I interact with society and the collective psyche. Through this understanding, I want to make people see; I want to make people think and feel.

I spend my time creating an interlinked body of work with common underlying themes that ultimately trace back to my personal experiences and interactions in this life. I start with an overall end-concept such as an interactive digital installation or a musical and then reverse engineer the elements through my preferred mediums that best express that idea. The ‘fallout’ of this exploration is photography, poetry, films, installations and publications that stand on their own, and you can view some of these in my journal and portfolio.

Exploring this site will offer insight into my dreams, how my brain works and my interpretation of the universe in which we live.


My primary body of work consists of photographs I’ve taken while travelling and include Urbanscapes of major cities worldwide, photos of people – mainly from a distant, observational view and more recently a study into the human form. The main theme is black and white as I see the world in black and white. When I see a scene, I see the shadows, the darks and the lights. They are the things that catch my eye first and then I see the colour.