A multifaceted artist who blends the tools of photography, poetry, and storytelling to distil the interconnectedness of the human race and delve into the very essence of existence. My work weaves together mythology, identity, and transformation themes, bridging the realms of the written word and the visual image. [More]



Remnants of the past slowly fade,
replaced by the hope of a better way. 
Flights of fancy forgotten,
taken up by a glimmer of hope. 
Is there time?

Naivety is no excuse,
you have two ears, two eyes, 
why not listen, why not see?
A symphony this is not yet.
Flight of fancy you see.

Till death do us part, is only a vow that cannot be kept,
not a sentence to live your life by.
Matters of the heart, are not easily swayed, 
can I leave this up to trust? 
Or, will trust betray me?

Flights of fancy may be my undoing,
fine wine and candles only go so deep.
Delicate as crystal yet hard as a rock, 
hammer and chisel may not be enough. 
Perhaps salvation lay deeper.

Two beings within,
who will be the victor and who will retreat?
A war of worlds.
All senses put to use, including those beyond the fifth –
a battle of the hearts.

Maybe more than just one winter will pass.
Flight of fancy no more.
A symphony approaches. 
Start setting the table,
a feast is near.