A multifaceted artist who blends the tools of photography, poetry, and storytelling to distil the interconnectedness of the human race and delve into the very essence of existence. My work weaves together mythology, identity, and transformation themes, bridging the realms of the written word and the visual image. [More]


Anatomical Study

As a part of the Compatibility Mode series, I have been doing a lot of study of the human form – getting up close and personal.

This has been a good way for me to explore all of the options that different formats of digital and film cameras offer, also the lenses and how they can change the look and feel of the photo.

I have pretty much explored from top to bottom of the human body and in some instances very fine detail- see the naval photo in the bottom right of the opposite page.

The other thing I have been exploring with this is trying to take photos in a way that you can’t tell whether it’s male or female. This ties in with some of the projects further outlined. This is an ongoing exploration.

A Selection of Photos from the Series