A multifaceted artist who blends the tools of photography, poetry, and storytelling to distil the interconnectedness of the human race and delve into the very essence of existence. My work weaves together mythology, identity, and transformation themes, bridging the realms of the written word and the visual image. [More]


Skeletons in the Park

Autumn is my favourite season; it shows what is really underneath all the leaves, what trees and nature are really made of.

This reminds me a lot of ourselves, who we really are underneath, what we are made of. The foliage and the flowers are just a show, they come and go as quickly as modern fashion. The bare bones of the tree are like humans stripped naked for all to see. Yet, the birds still sit on the branches, if anything there is more space for the birds to sing.

I think, maybe at a stretch, a naked tree is a metaphor for me trying to find who I am—laying it all out there so I can get to know myself while at the same time allowing other people to know me too.

I would imagine that a tree fully naked in autumn is just as happy in spring and summer when in full bloom.

I live opposite Hagley Park and the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. On my daily walks, I will sometimes take a camera and document what I see. These are some examples of the photos which could be turned into a publication of some description.

These have been taken using a variety of film and digital cameras.