A multifaceted artist who blends the tools of photography, poetry, and storytelling to distil the interconnectedness of the human race and delve into the very essence of existence. My work weaves together mythology, identity, and transformation themes, bridging the realms of the written word and the visual image. [More]


Green Lights and No One to Go

Christchurch, a city of empty streets and empty spaces owing to the Covid-19 lock down. Living on the edge of the CBD means I was able to ‘keep it a local’ to comply with the law and still get out regularly to take photos of the empty city.

There is a feeling like you could be walking around post-apocalypse like you see in many movies.

Devoid of human feet to trample it down nature, creeps up through the cracks and birds glide through the empty spaces as if they were canyons in the desert.

There are no familiar sounds of construction but, if you listen for long enough, you almost hear the sounds of the vines taking back their territories.

The names of the Titans still stand proud on buildings – the lights still on, but no one to work and the city’s only full-time inhabitants, the homeless, still reside, only now their lounges have grown in size, like the Tardis, ‘it’s bigger on the inside’.

I am still processing this series of photos and unsure where they will end up.