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Textures of A City

There are many cities I’ve visited over the years while working . This is an example of one. I talk about this a little more and other parts of this book, but this shows a selection of images that illustrate the parts of the city that I see.

I call them textures because that’s what I see first; shadows, lights, shapes, lines, and then slowly the people start to fill the geometry.

While there are only a few photos from this particular visit that I think are worthy of being prints, there are many that could be used for books or zines and will end up being used for multiple exposures and in my video projects.

In this particular example, these photos were taken during a one-day excursion to downtown Los Angeles.

Like many of my trips, it documents my wanderings around while I experience a city, in this instance for the first time.

Often I will photograph the same subject matter from many different angles, and these are some examples of those textures.

There are many cities that I have visited and many multiple times over the years. I have a vast selection of images of Melbourne and Sydney Australia and Wellington and Auckland.