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Loves Lost Book of Poetry

A side of me that I’ve always kept to myself is that of a poet. I guess it’s something that I thought might be too hard to put out there and be open to criticism. But the more time I spend working on my poetry and the more poets that I read (which is only a new thing) I am really starting to enjoy the process and owning that side of me.

The more I explore the poetry I am finding that it balances very nicely with my photography. It fills a void that the camera leaves and allows me to express in a different way.

Loves Lost or That Never Were is a collection of poems based on love. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in love, this is an exploration of whether I was in love with something that didn’t exist and if it really is better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all.

Below are some poems that will feature. As I work on it I’ll most some more here in my blog.

This little book is my work in progress sample that is continually being scribbled in and edited any chance I can get.

The Monsters Under Our Bed

Do I possess it or am I possessed?
How many seasons have passed without knowing?
Autumn’s bones show the scars were never there.
Just like the monsters under our bed,
They’ve only ever been, in our head. 

Why do we do this to ourselves?
We think there are monsters under our bed.
But are they really in our head?
What’s really in our closet?
Skeletons to unravel, or just shirts and bones?


The folly of youth will never be understood while we are still young.
Time passes us by and before we know it, all that could have been is lost.
Potential limits us to that which we are told we can be.
To reach the stars in this lifetime we build rockets upon dreams without realising the stars are already inside us.

Earth’s Scars

Birds scratch the earth, but only so deep that tomorrow’s winds erase all trace.
Fish glide through the water, leaving only a ripple.
None has left their mark on this world like humanity.
It will take more than a lifetime of winds to erase those scars.