Britomart Series

This series taken in 2010 at Britomart Train Station, Auckland, New Zealand is probably my most popular and has by far sold the most prints.

This is an example of the serendipitous nature of my work. I was up visiting with some friends who had never been to Auckland before and I was showing them the Britomart Train Station when we came across these two, waiting for their train. They had arrived extra-early so had a long time to sit and take in the world around them

The one thing I love the most is how many people see many different things. As recently as 2018 (8 years since first being shown) I had this wonderful feedback.

“What an extraordinary picture of those two grim, resigned women, with what looks like a row of helmeted storm troopers behind them – must be the London Underground. But no, a visitor translated it; the troopers became a barrier to prevent the women from jumping under the next train, then she noticed they were in Britomart.”

Lee Trusttum

There is a full set in the Wallace Arts Trust Collection.